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If you are my friend on Facebook you are probably tired of the pictures from Ghana. We visited that lovely country this Christmas to visit my husbands parents who work and reside there. I was so happy that my mother also was able to come. Any who as I was saying no one has officially said they are sick of the Ghana pictures we just posted so many that I figured someone some where was over it. Well these pictures I never did post AND AND and they are of Togo. This Ghana trip was not only a big deal because I mean well it’s Ghana ,but also because one of it’s neighboring countries is Togo. My husband was raised in Togo when he was a child before leaving to go to Europe where he lived until about year before we met in Atlanta. Togo is where he did elementary and middle school. Most importantly it’s where he learned to speak French. Important to me more than anyone else because it just adds to his sexy if you ask me. When I first met him all he spoke of was Africa again (to me) sexy. Ever so slightly embarrassing was that he knew (and still knows) more about it than I do. I say slightly because he actually lived in Africa. I had not. I hadn’t ever even been to the main land. I’m not the average African American in that my ancestors were brought over to the states. That is true of my dad ,but not of my mom. She is from the Cape Verde Islands. So I’ve been there ,but it’s different than the rest of Africa in a lot of ways. So going to Ghana….super big deal. First time on the actual continent that we affectionately refer to as the “motherland” and is technically my mothers land. (side not she was born in Angola…long story…) Speaking of my mother she was slightly ticked off that she didn’t actually get to go to Togo because there was a misunderstanding about what visa to get. What is so crazy is that if she had Cape Verdian citizenship still she would’ve been able to cross the boarder without incident ,but since technically (yes another technicality) she was never really Cape Verdian because when she was born it was still under the Kingdom of Portugal (now referred to as just Portugal) she’s Portuguese. Although, I guess now she’s a naturalized American so there’s that. I bet if she would’ve given that whole spiel someone would’ve let her through out of confusion.  She didn’t miss much and after this trip we met up with her and my older son Ramses in Ada. Now that was fun.


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