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Maternity Shoot


I just knew I was going to have fun with this shoot. We connected on Pinterest so that we could share ideas through pins. I just loved her avatar. It was very punk rock. She doesn’t quite look so punk rock any more ,but still gorgeous.  I am so super happy with her current look too. She was very easy going. Which is awesome. We had to go for a ride to grab some alphabet blocks. I thought it was great of her to say “yeah lets go.”.  Most people would rather not be in close quarters with people they don’t know. You know the whole awkward silence thing. We did just fine. I am quite the talker I am told so it was always likely there would be no opportunity for awkwardness. Well not do to silence. That is also the trick…. Not to overwhelm someone with blah blah blah to the point they again feel awkward. I usually try to ask questions about the person. People are so super interesting to me. You never know what a persons life experiences are going to be. You should truly not judge a book by it’s cover. It’s probably ok to assume some little points ,but be prepared to let even those go. Her story was interesting. She and I shared some things in common. The first was that our children were both mixed. I wasn’t super surprised that she was having a multi cultured baby. She seemed open minded. Our similarities in experience and also like mindedness  made our shoot fly by. I would’ve kept her for a lot longer ,but you have to let ma ma put her legs up.

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